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  • Emailing HTML on NextJS

    Emailing HTML on NextJS

    Since NextJS handles both backend and frontend seamlessly, emailing things now become another quest to finish, especially when you need to use template. This blog will be filled with my rants and lessons about this quest of creating my contact page. You can also check my logs for this in issue chez14/christianto.net#13. Previously, in a…

  • F3-Ilgar — Reinventing The Wheels

    F3-Ilgar — Reinventing The Wheels

    Migration tool–the one that do some updates in bulk, is one of the most important tool/library that developers use to sync up across their peers and server’s current database conditions. Having one is as important as defining your database design on SQL.

  • 3 Jam Pertama Ponimu Rilis: Berburu Bug

    3 Jam Pertama Ponimu Rilis: Berburu Bug

    Hari itu Selasa, 31 Juli 2018. Saya baru banget bangun karena kecapean di hari sebelumnya, inget kalo Ponimu rilis beberapa jam lalu. Sebetulnya lagi ada tasklist yang harus di kerjain, cuma karena web kaya Ponimu ini baru banget di Indo, kelihatannya kita bakal coba lihat-lihat webnya. Setelah berhasil mendaftar dan login, saya langsung lihat semua…