I created several profile for my own bots. They help me done specific things in a automated, triggered, or scheduled manner. The aim is to help me (in various tasks), if you find it doing something that not supposed to do, please contact me by creating a issue ticket here.

Table of Contents


As a good developer, I follow any rule that applies to the platform i use for making the bot. If you find that I violate the rules, you can contact me immediately by creating issues here, stating the platform, rule that I violated and what account.

For references, I’ll put the rule that I use for reference when started making one:

Platform Compliance


User accounts are intended for humans, but you can give one to a robot, such as a continuous integration bot, if necessary.

GitHub: Types of GitHub Accounts (

Please see the full document for more information and context.


GitLab has no specific rules regarding bot account(s).

Update: Gitlab has their own internal rule for “Acceptable Use Policy“, and usually it applies to their staff, but I’ll do as best as I can not to interfere with the rules they have.


Since Keybase Bot are essentially basic Keybase Account, we’ll follow the Acceptable Use Policy.

You may use the Service only for legal, authorized, and acceptable purposes. You must not use the Services to harm others or the Services. You must only use the Services in a way that’s consistent with our open source licenses.

Keybase: Acceptable Use Policy (

Please see the full document for more information and context.

Messaging Platform

Terms of Service

(Terms of Service legal document are still going.)

In a nutshell I will be responsible to keep the data secure as my best. Shall any breach occurs, i will instantly kick all of the access of the project i have and well inform all of people that might in touch with the project that it help manage.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of this bots are simple:

  • Data will be deleted when we lost access.
  • Any sensitive data will be redacted.
  • … Well, we might call you by your display name or username, but that not neccessarily be saved to our database, it’s just for making it more like the real character.

This, obviously, needs improvements, so shall you have any question, you can ask me directly via this link.

And Lastly, DMCA & Stuffs

The bot may have names from series that I liked, and this, by any means, NOT intended to against the copyright policy for each manga/anime producer & licencor. I have to make it very clear that THIS IS NOT ENDORSED OR PAID by the producer and licencor. Shall they filed DMCA Takedown to any account I owned, I will take any steps necessary to keep it alive, but maybe in different name.

I do take some usernames that been used in the platform, but i still comply with their no-name-squatting policies, and inactive-account policies.

You can contact me by creating a new issue, shall you have any problem.

Bots I Owned and Actively Maintained

Hence, this are bots that i owned:

Replica (レプリカ)

The name Replica is taken from World Trigger anime/manga series. The character has role as Yūma’s Guardian, somekind of autonomous (also multi-task) Trion Warrior. You can read more information about him in this Wikia Page. You got the essence: autonomous.

This bot are intended to help me with building and staging stuff. Apparently i’m going to add a basic issue management utility, thus serving me really closely as mainly this will serve for private things, such as work and personal project. For this matter, i have practiced as best as i could to secure this account ._.

You can find him on Gitlab, Github, Facebook, and finally Twitter.

Reg (レグ)

Reg is a character from Made in Abyss anime/manga series. He’s described as a Treasure of the Abyss because of his artificial body. You can read more about him in this Wikia Page. You got the essence: artificial.

This one is not really is a bot. I use this account mainly for having backup access to several repo that i work on my temporary workspace. My main account give access to several repo for this account, then i start working on that repo in this temporary computer.

For future use, i might use this to automatically updates my dependency list. It will act just like Greenkeeper.

You can find him on Gitlab.

Yūma Kuga (空閑 遊真)

Yūma…. uhh.. you better read the character profile on his Wikia Page. He will work together with Replica (レプリカ) as a Squad of Tamakoma 2.

Yūma will act as Reg (レグ), but in GitHub platform. you can find him on GitHub.

FAQ and QnA

Frequently Asked Question and Question&Answer are available on the Bots Repository Issue. You can ask and discuss with me there.